Eptimizo Flourish creates value through meaningful interactions with clients and communities.  Clients should expect bespoke service leading to excellent work products and tangible results.

What does Eptimizo Flourish mean?

Eptimizo is a play on the word “optimize.”   Flourish is what I intend will happen to my client’s projects after I work with them. Late one night, in a hotel room in Taipei,  I was evaluating what it takes to really be successful in a project. The word OPTIMIZE was high on my list. Thinking about another key factor, search engine optimization, I toyed around with the letters in the word and Eptimizo.com was born.

Where does Eptimizo Flourish work?

Eptimizo Flourish is based out of Colorado, but projects know no borders.  Past experience covers projects across five continents.  Including Argentina, Austria, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, People’s Republic of Korea, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and The United States.

How are projects billed?

Projects can be billed hourly or on a single contract single sum basis.  Non-profit and federal rates are available. Some pro-bono hours are available as well for select food system based non-profits. Eptimizo Flourish will respond to request for proposals at your convenience.  Please send your request to mo@eptimizo.com.  Eptimizo Flourish is SAM.gov registered.