Nothing can replace a personal expectation of excellence.
Trust is built through results. 

Why work with Eptimizo Flourish?

My goal for Eptimizo Flourish is to help my clients optimize their project potential, achieve goals, and flourish as a result. I hold myself to a standard of excellence because I am passionate about my work.  I started this organization because I care deeply about our food system. I have dedicated my life to forming a food world where everyone can enjoy the miracle of a good meal. I work with companies who are ready to support positive change in their businesses and communities.  I aim to grow a community that experiences great success as a result of dedicated and heartfelt work with lasting impacts on our food system, Mother Nature, and each other.

I have more than a decade of experience in international trade and food systems work.  I have a bachelor’ degrees in Ethics, Politics, Economics, and International Studies from Yale University, and a master’s degree in Nutrition, Public Health, and Food Studies from New York University.  Past work experience includes the Organic Trade Association, Great Performances, the James Beard Foundation, VMware, and Google.   I am currently in the Adult Learn to Farm Program at The Farm School, in Athol, MA.

Success by the Numbers

  • In-country event execution & experience in 25 countries around the world
  • Awarded more than $4 MILLION USD in USDA competitive awards
  • Over $121 MILLION USD in projected sales opportunity as a result of planned activities
  • Over $9 MILLION USD in actual sales in 2017
  • Responsible for 75+ new product placements at various supermarkets and manufacturers around the world
  • 12 Successful Schedule B statistical breakout applications
  • 16 successful Harmonized Tariff Schedule statistical breakout applications
  • Speaker presentations at IFOAM World Congress, Biofach World Congress, FoodEx Japan, SIAL, University of Helsinki, the U.S. State Department,  United States of America Export Development Council.

Grant Writing

  • Federal grants, registered
  • Foundation grants
  • Corporate Social Responsibility mission matching for grant opportunities

International Trade Strategy & Market Building

  • Export strategy
  • Government representation and relations
  • Import strategy
  • International trade policy advising and analysis
  • International trade compliance
  • Market analysis, selection, and sales strategy
  • Organic international trade
  • Port of entry procedures and facilitation
  • Program evaluation and oversight
  • Supply chain efficiencies and verification
  • Trade statistics and tracking
  • Trade strategy, implementation, & evaluation

Creative Strategy & Event Consulting

  • Brand awareness campaigns
  • Competitive analysis and strategic planning
  • Corporate social responsibility strategy and program management
  • Developing a brand story
  • Experiential marketing and events
  • Food system planning
  • Impact oriented outreach
  • In-country event planning and execution
  • Organic agriculture
  • Program development, implementation, & evaluation
  • Strategic Thinking

Non-Profit Support

Each year Eptimizo Flourish dedicates 120 work hours to food-system related non-profits as an in-kind contribution or pro bono.  For more information on this please contact Monique.